Italian firefighters and soldier walk amid ruins during operation aiming at reopening the road in Rio, a little village near Amatrice, central Italy two days after a 6.2-magnitude earthquake struck the region killing some 267 people and injuring at least 367 people. 
An increasingly forlorn search for victims of the earthquake that brought carnage to central Italy entered a third day on August 26 but no one has been pulled alive from the piles of collapsed masonry since August 24 evening. / AFP / MARIO LAPORTA        (Photo credit should read MARIO LAPORTA/AFP/Getty Images) On August 24th, a warm summer night, all of Europe was shaken when an earthquake measuring 6.2 on the moment magnitude scale, hit central Italy.
“The town [Amatrice] doesn’t exist anymore…’s all gone,” said Sergio Pirozzi, mayor of the small town of Amatrice during an interview immediately after the tragedy. More than 290 people died, and dozens more are still… Read More

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