AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND - DECEMBER 01:  Kim Dotcom speaks to the media following hs bail hearing at Auckland District Court on December 1, 2014 in Auckland, New Zealand. Dotcom has avoided going back to jail after Judge Nevin Dawson imposed tighter bail conditions including reporting to police twice a week for is forbidden from private air or sea travel. Dotcom was raided in 2012 after the U.S. claimed his MegaUpload service had cost copyright owners $500 million by facilitating internet piracy. (Photo by Fiona Goodall/Getty Images) More than four years later, Kim Dotcom’s legal battles (at least in New Zealand) may be close to an end. His final appeal to avoid extradition to face charges in the U.S started yesterday in Auckland’s High Court, and is expected to last six weeks.  And, in a first for any case in New Zealand (and in typical Kim Dotcom fashion), the appeal is being live-streamed. All of the… Read More

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