Photo #: 259232
Date Taken:  11-26-1952
Description: 3-D Movie Viewers. Formally-attired audience sporting 3-D glasses during opening night screening of film "Bwana Devil," the 1st full-length
color 3-D (aka "Natural Vision") motion picture, at Paramount Theater.
State: CA
Country: US
Photographer: J. R. EYERMAN/TimePix In the mid-2000s, everyone was talking about 3D, the “next big thing” in video. It required people to buy expensive new gadgets and wear goofy eyewear, but we were told consumers would flock to this new 3D world. Unless you’re James Cameron, you likely missed the entire 3D revolution. So perhaps we should look at the new “next big thing” in video, virtual… Read More

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